MP 400 Dungeons & Dragons (1983 - 1985 TSR/Marvel Productions)

 Thanks to Michael Swanigan for storyboards to MP 400-01, 03 and 22.


Development Bible

CBS Audience Scores (Season 1)

Main Cast Models (Attitudes, Expressions, Mouth Guides)
Model sheets - 50 pages: Young Ones, Dungeon Master, Venger, Night-mare, Tiamat's Heads

Season 1

Rick Merwin premises (none used)
Story premises - Day Of The Dragons, Spell Of The Ice Wizard, Master Thief Of Baal-Dur, City Of The Githyanki, The Crystal Forest, The Mines Of Minosia, Yugol And The Curse Of Stone, Janapurna and the Stallions Of Hokar

1 The Night Of No Tomorrow - Mark Evanier
Partial storyboard (21 pages) - Bob Kline

2 Eye Of The Beholder - Hank Saroyan, Mark Evanier, Kimmer Ringwald
Model sheets - Blue Dragon, Escargyte, Hyena-like Creatures, Sir John, Sir John's Son,  The Mayor, The Beholder

3 The Hall Of Bones - Paul Dini
Partial storyboard (21 pages) - Bob Kline

4 Valley Of The Unicorns - Paul Dini and Karl Geurs

5 In Search Of The Dungeon Master - Jeffrey Scott
6 Beauty And The Bogbeast - Jeffrey Scott
Full script - first draft with Network revision notes
Full script - revised

7 The Prison Without Walls - Steve Gerber
8 Servant Of Evil - Story by Paul Dini, Teleplay by Jeffrey Scott
9 Quest Of The Skeleton Warrior - Buzz Dixon
10 The Garden Of Zinn - Jeffrey Scott
11 The Box - Jeffrey Scott
12 The Lost Children (originally titled The Millenium Children) - Jeffrey Scott
Full script

13 P-R-E-S-T-O Spells Disaster - Jeffrey Scott

Season 2

16-MT  1984 Main Title
Full storyboard - Bob Kline

16 The Girl Who Dreamed Tomorrow - Karl Geurs
17 The Treasure Of Tardos - Michael Reaves

18 City At The Edge Of Midnight - Michael Reaves and Karl Geurs
Full storyboard - Bob Kline

19 The Traitor - Jeffrey Scott

20 Day Of The Dungeon Master - Michael Reaves
Storyboard samples - 8 pages, Don Sheppard

21 The Last Illusion - Jeffrey Scott

22 The Dragon's Graveyard - Michael Reaves
Full script
Partial storyboard (25 pages) - Bob Kline, Wendell Washer

23 Child Of The Stargazer - Michael Reaves 

Season 3

26 Dungeon At The Heart Of Dawn - Michael Reaves
Full script

28 The Time Lost - Michael Reaves

30 The Winds Of Darkness - Story by Karl Geurs, Written by Michael Cassutt and Kathy Selbert

33 Cave Of The Faerie Dragons - Kathy Selbert 
Requiem (Unproduced finale) - Michael Reaves
Full script