Saturday 13 July 2024

Transformers: The Secret of Omega Supreme storyboards

Thanks to Larry Houston for saving them from likely destruction back in the 1980s and thanks to Rich Helscher for making them available, the Archive now hosts the tenth full Transformers storyboard set: The Secret of Omega Supreme.

View galleries for all ten sets, as well as partial storyboards for ten more episodes at the Storyboard Viewing Gallery Index

Tuesday 9 July 2024

An appeal for help

With the last of my current writing project submitted on friday and no clear word on steady work coming up, I'm literally having to go hungry after barely clearing rent. If anyone can help just even a little bit at the below gofundme link, that would be most appreciated.

Wednesday 3 July 2024

My Little Pony Takes: Shop Talk script

Thanks to yanchagraffiti, the Archive has its first piece of production material for My Little Pony Tales:  Doug Booth's script for episode 10, Shop Talk.

Developed by George Arthur Bloom and consisting of 26 quarter-hour stories, with a slice-of-life focus compared to its 1980s predecessor My Little Pony N Friends. MLP Tales lasted for only one season in 1992, and was produced by Sunbow and Graz Entertainment.

Read the script, along with material for other 1990s shows at: Sunbow Round Two 1991-2000

Monday 24 June 2024

5th Anniversary

A little late, but nonetheless.

Five years ago, on June 11th 2019, I launched the Sunbow Marvel Archive website. Intending to create a digital library showcasing animation paperwork from Sunbow Productions and Marvel Productions, covering 20+ plus years of shows.

In that time, the Archive has expanded to include hundreds of scripts, storyboards, model sheets, memos, show bibles and briefing binders.

Thank you to all those who have contributed material and lent their support, and here's to the next five years.

Wednesday 12 June 2024

My Little Pony: new storyboard galleries

 New galleries are up for the following My Little Pony N Friends storyboard sets:

  • Revolt of Paradise Estate, Part 2
  • Partial episode storyboards: Baby, It's Cold Outside and Would-Be Dragonslayer
View all of the My Little Pony storyboards at: Storyboard Viewing Gallery Index

Tuesday 21 May 2024

Transformers: the resurrection of Skyfire/Jetfire

With thanks to Rich Helscher, the Archive now hosts an earlier version of Transformers script Fire on the Mountain.  Accompanying the script are memos from story editor Bryce Malek notifying producer Nelson Shin of rewritten pages to accompany the 2nd July 1984 revision, the earlier first draft having already gone forward to storyboards (as was common during the series run):

The impetus for these revisions was to insert a scene where Wheeljack and Sideswipe rescue Skyfire from the Arctic ice, where he was buried at the end of concurrently-written episode Fire in the Sky

Insert pages 13 and 13A, as mentioned in the above memos

The original pages 12 and 13 from the first draft are included with this copy of the revised script, and show Doug Booth writing Skyfire as simply being an established part of the Autobot roster. Setting out from Autobot Headquarters with Brawn and Windcharger to investigate the destruction of their Sky Spy satellite by Megatron's new weapon.

These pages were replaced by the new inserts and the script handed over to Ron Friedman for his dialogue changes.

Both scripts can be read at The Transformers, Part 1

Saturday 4 May 2024

Transformers: Blaster Blues storyboard and 150 model sheets

Thanks to Ryan King, the Archive now hosts material found by Marvel Productions storyboard artist/producer/director Larry Houston.

Firstly, the full storyboard set for Transformers episode Blaster Blues. To view the boards, head to the Blaster Blues storyboard gallery

Next are two model sheet books: one covering the main 1984 cast and the other incidental models from the 13 main episodes of Season 1. Including designs that did not make it to air, such as Dr. Lynn Hyashi, whose role in War of the Dinobots was given to Chip Chase in script revisions.