Monday 15 April 2024

(VIDEO) My Little Pony: audition audio

With thanks to yanchagraffiti, two more dialogue audio reels for My Little Pony: The Movie have now been added to the Archive YouTube channel.

First up is six minutes of rapid-fire auditions for the Bushwoolies - the bouncy furballs who constantly agree with everything they're told.  With takes from:

Marilyn Lightstone Jodi Carlisle Terry McGovern Peter Cullen Joey Camen Pat Fraley Hal Rayle Greg Berg Frank Welker

Next up are auditions for three of the Unicorns: Buttons, Galaxy and Ribbon.  

Takes and time indexes:

Auditions held 26th November 1985 0:00-6:05 Buttons 6:14-11:15 Galaxy 11:23-16:38 Ribbon Takes by: Nancy Cartwright BJ Ward Jeannie Elias Sherry Lynn Ellen Gerstell Jodi Carlisle Katie Leigh Susan Blu Mona Marshall Susan Silo Jill Wayne Russi Taylor Sarah Partridge

Friday 12 April 2024

An appeal for help

Due to my illness over late March, putting me behind with my freelance writing work on the Movie Optimus Prime model kit magazine (distributed by Fanhome, DeAgostini or Altaya, depending on market), I am now staring at paying down two months back rent before early May.

If you've enjoyed the production material I've brought to you over the past four years and are able to give even the smallest amount, please visit my Gofundme link.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to subscribe to my YouTube channel, where the various storyboard animatic videos and dialogue audio reels I have showcased at the Archive originate, and help me get over the 1000 subs mark.  That would be most appreciated.

Monday 8 April 2024

My Little Pony: Revolt of Paradise Estate storyboard

The Archive now hosts the full storyboard set for David Wise' My Little Pony episode Revolt of Paradise Estate, Part 2.  Where, thanks to a can of magic paint sold to na├»ve pony Paradise by evil wizard Beezen, the furniture of Paradise Estate has come to life and driven the ponies out of their home.

To view the storyboards, head to My Little Pony N' Friends

Friday 23 February 2024

The Brothers Flub: two full storyboard sets

The Archive takes a trip to Sunbow Entertainment's later years, with storyboard sets for The Brothers Flub episodes "Family Outing" and "Sidekicked".  This series was produced on behalf of German company Ravensburger Film + TV and aired on Nickolodeon from the start of 1999 to the start of the year 2000.

To view both sets, head to Sunbow Round Two 1991-2000

Monday 12 February 2024

G.I Joe: Over 500 model sheets

With thanks to Aquantis Trading Center, the Archive now hosts over 500 model sheets for G.I Joe. Covering most episodes of the series, as well as some of the post-cartoon 1987 characters.

To view M.A.S.S Device, Revenge of Cobra and Season 1 models, head to G.I. Joe, Part 1

For Season 2 and 1987 models, head to G.I. Joe, Part 2

Friday 26 January 2024

Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends: A Firestar Is Born storyboards

With thanks to Webhead at, the Archive now hosts the storyboards for Act II of the 1982 Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends episode A Firestar Is Born.

Drawn by Larry Houston, see what happens as Angelica Jones recounts the trials and tribulations of growing up with superpowers, then joins with Spidey, Iceman and the X-Men to defeat their unwanted house guest Juggernaut.

View the storyboards and more material from Amazing Friends, The Incredible Hulk and Pryde of the X-Men at: Marvel Superheroes 1981-1989

Monday 25 December 2023

2023 Year in Review

2023 was an interesting year for the Sunbow Marvel Archive. Thanks to the various contributors, material from a wider variety of shows is now available and also helped in demystifying a series that has previously been considered "lost media."

In terms of general organisation, the website has been streamlined to collect the material for 24 shows on 6 pages.

For Transformers, the march towards series completion continued with full or partial storyboards for another 10 episodes, over 100 audition sheets from voice director Wally Burr's collection, plus various model sheets, backgrounds and the script for The Killing Jar.

The biggest Transformers-related item saw release in August. Three years since it was found by Flint Dille and scanned by Jim Sorenson, the very first script for The Transformers: The Movie is available to the public.

G.I Joe saw its first newly-revealed scripts in over a decade, with Flint Dille's Skeletons In The Closet and Doug Booth's My Favorite Things

An unexpected surprise came in the form of over a dozen My Little Pony storyboard sets, sold from the estate of artist Wendell Washer. Including the first special Rescue At Midnight Castle and a selection of episodes from the main series, spanning from the first episode Ghost Of Paradise Estate to the final one The Prince And The Ponies.

Beyond paper material, a selection of dialogue reels from various Marvel Productions' series came to light. Among them was audio from The Young Astronauts, Marvel's ill-fated series about space exploration that was cancelled in mid-production due to the Challenger shuttle explosion. The reels covered dialogue for the episode Ghost Ship, as well as auditions for the series narrator, featuring a who's who of 1980s voice actors.


With 2024 marking the 40th anniversaries of Transformers, Muppet Babies and My Little Pony making their television debuts, who knows what untold stories will be uncovered in the year ahead.