My Little Pony N Friends 1986

MP 5201 My Little Pony 1984-1986 (Sunbow Productions/Marvel Productions)

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MP 4012 My Little Pony (Rescue At Midnight Castle) - George Arthur Bloom
Act II storyboard (31 pages) - Wendell Washer.  3rd January 1984 revision
Act II storyboard (30 pages) - Wendell Washer.  9th January 1984 revision
Act III storyboard (62 pages) - Wendell Washer, Bob Kline.  Second draft.

MP 4028 My Little Pony II (Escape From Catrina) - George Arthur Bloom

MP 4054 My Little Pony: The Movie - George Arthur Bloom

MP 5201 My Little Pony N' Friends
(Unless otherwise noted, all storyboard sets are without song sequences).

Main cast model sheets
Characters debuting in Rescue At Midnight Castle by: Takashi, George Goode, Jerry Eisenberg.
Characters debuting in Escape From Catrina by: John Ahern (Supervisor), Jerry Eisenberg, Bob Kline, Lonnie Lloyd, Doug Vandegrift.
Characters debuting in My Little Pony: The Movie: Grigor Boyadjiev, Kurt Conners, Mark Christiansen, Lou Dellarosa, Raymond Johnson, Lynette Nuding, Debra Pugh, Stephanie Pyren, Gregg Vanzo, Frans Vischer, Bill Wolf.
Turnarounds (102 pages)
Construction models (27 pages)

01-04 Ghost Of Paradise Estate - George Arthur Bloom
Part 1 storyboard - Wendell Washer

05-06 Fugitive Flowers - Martin Pasko and Rebecca Parr

07-10 The Magic Coins - Michael Reaves

11R-12 Revolt Of Paradise Estate - David Wise

13-14 Crunch The Rockdog - Linda Woolverton

15-18 Bright Lights - Barbara Petty

19-22 The Return Of Tambelon - Michael Reaves
Part 4 full storyboard (with song sequence) - Wendell Washer

23-24 Baby, It's Cold Outside - Gordon Kent

25 Sweet Stuff And The Treasure Hunt - Cherie Wilkerson

26 Pony Puppy - Gerry and Carla Conway

27-28 Through The Door - David Wise

29 Would-Be Dragonslayer - Gerry and Carla Conway

30-33 The Glass Princess - Tracey Mann Hill and Michael Charles Hill

34 Mish, Mash, Melee - Bruce Faulk

35-36 Woe Is Me - Gordon Kent

37 The Great Rainbow Caper - Diane Duane

38-47 The End Of Flutter Valley - George Arthur Bloom
Part 2 storyboard (7 pages) - "Family, Family" song sequence - Wendell Washer
Part 3 full storyboard - "Dark And Dirty" song sequence - Wendell Washer, main story artists unknown.
Part 4 full storyboard - "Nature's In Harmony" song sequence - Wendell Washer, main story artists unknown.

48 A Little Piece Of Magic - Beth Bornstein

49-50 Flight To Cloud Castle - Michael Reaves

51 Spike's Search - Michael Charles Hill

52-53 The Golden Horseshoes - Gerry and Carla Conway

54-57 The Quest Of The Princess Ponies - Michael Reaves
Princess Ponies model sheets - Primrose, Serena, Lilac, Tiffany, Royal Blue
Part 1 full storyboard - Wendell Washer

58-59 Somnambula - David Wise
Big Brother Ponies model sheets - Tex, 4-Speed, Steamer, Score, Salty, Slugger

60 The Ice Cream Wars - David Wise

61 The Prince And The Ponies - David Wise
Full storyboard - Wendell Washer

MP 5202 Potato Head Kids 1986 (Sunbow Productions/Marvel Productions)

MP 5203 Glo Friends 1985-1986 (Sunbow Productions/Marvel Productions)

4055 The Glo Friends Save Christmas - George Arthur Bloom

01 Baby Gloworm Goes Bye-Bye - Doug Booth
Script samples - 5 pages

02 Two Of A Kind - Doug Booth
Script samples - 5 pages
Storyboard samples - Scott Jeralds (includes memo to artists from producer Marija Dail)

MP 5204 Moondreamers 1986 (Sunbow Productions/Marvel Productions)

Show bible - John Semper, Cynthia Friedlob
Excerpts - 6 pages

Main Cast turnarounds
Model sheets - 22 pages