MP 600 G.I Joe: A Real American Hero Part 2 1986 - 1992 (Sunbow Productions/Marvel Productions) part 2

All videos monetised by Hasbro Studios

1986 Hasbro Pre-Toyfair catalogue

G.I Joe pages (alternate catalogue produced, designed to hide Jem from Mattel)

1986 Hasbro Toyfair catalogue

Season 2

Alternate title sequence 
Full storyboard - Mike Vosburg

50 Last Hour To Doomsday - Tom Dagenais

53 Computer Complications - David Schwartz
Partial storyboard - Mike Vosburg (Act III, five pages missing)

54 Sink The Montana! - David Carren

60 Lets Play Soldier - Sharman Di Vono

61 Cobrathon - Martin Pasko and Rebecca Parr

62 The Million Dollar Medic - Carla And Gerry Conway
Storyboard samples - 6 pages

63 The Rotten Egg - Steve Mitchell And Barbara Petty

64 Once Upon A Joe - Buzz Dixon

65 Glamour Girls - Beth Bornstein

66 Iceberg Goes South - Mary Skrenes

67 The Spy Who Rooked Me - Susan K. Williams

68 Grey Hairs And Growing Pains - Dave Marconi and Flint Dille

69 My Brother's Keeper - Buzz Dixon

70 My Favorite Things - Doug Booth
Full script - contributor credit: Rich Helscher
Model sheets - Lt. Bergier, Old Woman With Mop

71 Raise The Flagg! - David Carren

72 GI Joe And The Golden Fleece - Story by Flint Dille, Script by Rick Merwin

73 Arise, Serpentor, Arise!, Part 1 - Story by Buzz Dixon, Teleplay by Ron Friedman

74 Arise, Serpentor, Arise!, Part 2 - Story by Buzz Dixon, Teleplay by Ron Friedman

75 Arise, Serpentor, Arise!, Part 3 - Story by Buzz Dixon, Teleplay by Ron Friedman

76 Arise, Serpentor, Arise!, Part 4 - Story by Buzz Dixon, Teleplay by Ron Friedman

77 Arise, Serpentor, Arise!, Part 5 - Story by Buzz Dixon, Teleplay by Ron Friedman

78 The Most Dangerous Thing In The World - Buzz Dixon

79 Ninja Holiday - Michael Charles Hill

80 Nightmare Assault - Marv Wolfman

81 Joe's Night Out - David Schwartz

82 Second Hand Emotions - Gerry And Carla Conway

83 Not A Ghost Of A Chance - Sharman Di Vono

84 Sins Of Our Fathers - Story by Steve Gerber, Script by Buzz Dixon

85 In The Presence Of Mine Enemoes - Chris Weber and Karen Willson

86 Into Your Tent I Will Silently Creep - Buzz Dixon And Michael Charles Hill

MP 4057  G.I Joe: The Movie
(TV edit: MP 600-87 to 91)

February 26th, 1986 final draft 
Full script

For a full rundown of deleted and changed scenes from this script, head to this article

Storyboard Directors:
Larry Houston
Boyd Kirkland
Will Meugniot
Frank Paur

Assistant Storyboard Artists
Bill Barry
Warren Greenwood
Jim Shull
Dave Simons
Romeo Tanghal
Mike Vosburg

Storyboard samples (deleted/changed scenes, 20 pages)
Pages 427-434 - Boyd Kirkland

Hasbro 1987 Toyfair catalogue


MP 1195 Spot 404
Battle-Force 2000 commercial (1988 toyline)
Full storyboard - Will Meugniot

MP 1199-408 Imp/Swampmasher commercial (Marvel Productions)
Storm Shadow v2 model sheet

8710-GIJ-1 Rolling Thunder commercial (TMS)
Storm Shadow v2 model sheet

Hasbro Toyfair catalogues
1991 G.I Joe pages - includes catalogue, Hasbro media schedule and price list

1989 G.I Joe: A Real American Hero (DiC Entertainment)

Operation: Dragonfire - Doug Booth

Kicking off DiC's continuation of A Real American Hero after the end of Sunbow and Marvel Productions' series.  Operation: Dragonfire sees Sgt.Slaughter and his Marauders face off against Serpentor, who seeks to harness the ancient power of Dragonfire from four key sites around the world.  Unaware that they have a Cobra double agent in their ranks: the new Joe recruit Scoop.
Meanwhile, a vengeful Baroness and the Dreadnok Gnawgahyde have another use for the mystical energy: restoring Cobra Commander to humanoid form after his mutation into a snake during GI Joe The Movie, so that he may lead Cobra once again.

1992 Live-action commercials - (contributor credit: Ransack The Elder)
Storyboards (Barracuda/Rat, Hydro-Jets/Patriot, Ninjas/Battle Copters/Air, Eco-Warriors/A.W.E, Earthquake/Fort America, Headquarters, Battle Wagon, Hall Of Fame, D.E.F, Snake Eyes Role Play)