MP 600 G.I Joe: A Real American Hero Part 2 1986 - 1987 (Sunbow Productions/Marvel Productions) part 2

Season 2

1986 Hasbro Pre-Toyfair catalogue

G.I Joe pages (alternate catalogue produced, designed to hide Jem from Mattel)

1986 Hasbro Toyfair catalogue

Alternate title sequence 
Full storyboard - Mike Vosburg

54 Sink The Montana! - David Carren
Model sheets - USS Constitution, Destroyer (in service)

62 The Million Dollar Medic - Carla And Gerry Conway
Storyboard samples - 6 pages

MP 4057  G.I Joe: The Movie

February 26th, 1986 final draft 
Full script

Storyboard Directors:
Larry Houston
Boyd Kirkland
Will Meugniot
Frank Paur

Assistant Storyboard Artists
Bill Barry
Warren Greenwood
Jim Shull
Dave Simons
Romeo Tanghal
Mike Vosburg

Storyboard samples (deleted/changed scenes, 20 pages)
Pages 427-434 - Boyd Kirkland

Hasbro 1987 Toyfair catalogue


Battle-Force 2000 commercial (1988 toyline)
Full storyboard - Will Meugniot

MP 1199-408 Imp/Swampmasher commercial (Marvel Productions)
Storm Shadow v2 model sheet

8710-GIJ-1 Rolling Thunder commercial (TMS)
Storm Shadow v2 model sheet

1988 Hasbro Toyfair catalogue

1992 Live-action commercials - (contributor credit: Ransack The Elder)
Storyboards (Barracuda/Rat, Hydro-Jets/Patriot, Ninjas/Battle Copters/Air, Eco-Warriors/A.W.E, Earthquake/Fort America, Headquarters, Battle Wagon, Hall Of Fame, D.E.F, Snake Eyes Role Play)