Friday 20 January 2023

Small storyboard finds: GI Joe and Siegfried And Roy

Just a few storyboard samples found in an Internet Archive download of a 1993 storyboarding guidebook.

First is from late season 2 GI Joe episode Sins Of Our Fathers, drawn by Bill Barry.  In this episode, Cobra Commander has succeeded in raising the monstrous creature dwelling underneath the ruins of Destro's ancestral home (destroyed in season 1 episode Skeletons In The Closet) and makes an unholy pact with the creature, offering Serpentor as a sacrifice.  We join the action as the monstrosity makes landfall on Cobra Island

Next are storyboards from Larry Houston in 1992, from what is presumably the pilot episode of Marvel's Siegfried and Roy.  The illusionists' management were making lucrative offers to production companies for an animated series, eventually settling on Marvel Productions.  Trade adverts promised 65 episodes for the 1993 television season, however these failed to materialise.

Thursday 19 January 2023

The mystery of Time Challengers (1991 Marvel Productions)

Among the many magazine trade adverts that have been put up for sale by PaperNostalgia on ebay, is this one from Marvel Productions, showcasing the programs that would be produced for the 1991 season.

MARVEL PROD.__Original 1991 Trade AD / ADVERT__Bucky O'Hare__Muppet Babies | eBay

Whilst Muppet Babies, Bucky O'Hare, Kind N' Play and Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes did in fact air during that year, the remaining show Time Challengers did not.

It was previously unknown whether or not this was an actual greenlit show or a failed pitch.  Until I recently found a pack of over 80 model sheets online.  Suggesting that the show had at least three episodes scripted and storyboarded.

Under the production code of MP 4069-00 to 03, these model sheets were drawn up between late 1990 and early 1991.

The models themselves offer only breadcrumbs as to the premise of the series.  The main cast are a trio of teenagers, who all have alter-egos: Randy AKA Rerun, Trisha AKA Contempo and Maria AKA Futuron, along with their presumed mentor Mr. Chronos.  The first episode features many model sheets to indicate that the team travel to the Gold Rushes of the 19th century.  Model sheets for the third episode are for a character named Shana who appears to cycle through several time periods.

If anyone who worked on this show or has any other production material available that could shed light on this series, please contact the Archive.

MP 4069-00

MP 4069-01 (first episode, title unknown)

MP 4069-03 (third episode, title unknown)

Thursday 12 January 2023

(UPDATED) Video of TFNation 2022 panel: Beyond Your Wildest Imagination

At TFNation 2022, Europe's largest Transformers convention, Jim Sorenson and Chris McFeely hosted a panel giving details and showing off fanart interpretations of Ron Friedman's first Transformers The Movie script.

This is the first script written for this movie, as opposed to the second draft script that has been online in various forms since 2010, including here at the Archive.

The full video of the panel, broken down into three acts, are now available on YouTube, embedded below:

Act I

Act II


Tuesday 10 January 2023

The Flint Dille Collection: An appeal

This is an appeal to those who bought or received production items from Flint Dille following the clearout of his storage in late 2020.  If owners of any of the items below read this post, please get in touch with the Archive via my Blogger profile contact.

For a list of items sold by Flint where either direct scans were contributed or consent to release has already been obtained from owners, see: The Flint Dille Collection

MP 600 GI Joe

Skeletons In The Closet full script

MP 5206 Inhumanoids

04 Negative Polarity partial storyboard set - rough draft, missing chunk of Act II, as shipped from Marvel Productions to Flint.
04 Negative Polarity full storyboard set - final revision
07 The Masterson Team full storyboard set - final revision

MP 700 Transformers

Rough notes for second writer's circular (February 1985)
1987 Briefing Book (late season 3 cast additions)
Flint's Character Binder - containing bios and models for all new 1987 and continuing 1986 product.  Also includes Bob Budiansky's 11 page treatment for the Marvel Comics Headmasters miniseries.
Griffin-Bacal presentation storyboards for 1987 toy commercials

Saturday 7 January 2023

Little Shop (of Horrors): new page and show bible

A new page has been added for Little Shop, the 1991 animated adaptation of the 1986 film Little Shop Of Horrors.  

Co-produced by Marvel Productions and Saban Entertainment, the page hosts the show bible, developed by Mark Edward Edens.  This series almost marked the TV writing debuts of two key figures in the Transformers franchise: Marty Isenberg and Bob Skir.

Go to: Little Shop 1991

Thursday 5 January 2023

Transformers: Voice Actor Audition Sheets

With thanks to Sharon "Tut" LaBorde and Monzo, the Archive now hosts 108 voice actor audition sheets from all four years of the Transformers cartoon (1984-1987).  Thoroughly covered in notes by voice director Wally Burr, in some cases providing more dialogue for certain characters than they ever received in the show.

To view them all, head to: Transformers Voice Actor Audition Sheet Gallery

Wednesday 4 January 2023

Conan And The Young Warriors: new page and storyboards

A new page has been added for Conan And The Young Warriors, the 1994 network spin-off series to Conan The Adventurer.

The first addition to this page is 15 pages of storyboard from episode 9 Brothers Of The Sword, written by Michael Reaves,

To view the page, head to: Conan And The Young Warriors

Monday 2 January 2023

Transformers: The Killing Jar script

The Archive kicks off 2023 with a bang, as the script for Transformers season 3 episode The Killing Jar is now available.

Contributed by Ryan King and originally from the estate of voice director Wally Burr, the script includes reference art provided by the episode's co-writer Michael Charles Hill for the Quintesson ship central to the plot.  The design was taken from Chris Foss' artbook 21st Century. Originally conceived for Alejandro Jodorowsky's ill-fated mid-70s attempt at a Dune movie, Foss would then attempt to re-use the design as an early concept piece for the Leviathan (later the Nostromo) in the 1979 film Alien.

To read the script, along with all other available season 3 material, head to: 

MP 700 The Transformers, Part 2