Marvel's New World 1989-1996: Rude Dog And The Dweebs, Little Shop, Time Challengers, Siegfried And Roy, Biker Mice From Mars

MP 6570 Rude Dog And The Dweebs

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6570-0000 Main logo
Model sheet

6570-13A Tuesday The 14th, Part Dweeb
Storyboard samples (6 pages)

Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes 1990-1991 (Marvel Productions/Fox Children's Productions)

Dr Putrid T. Gangreen audition sheet - role played by John Astin

MP 6580 Season 1

10 Spatula, Prince Of Dorkness - Richard Mueller
MP 6581 Season 2

Little Shop 1991 (Marvel Productions/Saban Entertainment)

Show bible - Mark Edward Edens

Time Challengers 1991 - Never aired
MP 4069-00

MP 4069-01 (first episode, title unknown)

MP 4069-03 (third episode, title unknown)

Siegfried And Roy 1992 - Never produced

Concept art (20 pieces)
Pilot storyboard (14 pages) Will Meugniot

NWA 6640 Biker Mice From Mars 1993-1996 (Marvel Productions/Brentwood Television Funnies.  New World Animation/Brentwood Television Funnies)

Marvel Productions began production on Biker Mice in 1993 and were credited for season 1.  Due to structural changes within Marvel Entertainment Group, seasons 2 and 3 were credited to the newly-reorganised and renamed New World Animation

Season 2

21 Return To Mars, Part 3 - Bob Forward and Eve Forward

Season 3

57 Caveat Mentor - Glenn Leopold