Briefing/Reference Binder galleries

Listed below are galleries for briefing and reference books sent to Sunbow and/or Marvel by the various clients.  Often containing concept art, character profiles and model sheets.

MP 700 The Transformers

1984 product 
Voice actor audition sheets (1984-1987) - Wally Burr's notes.
Writer's Guide
1985 Briefing Book - previously owned by Ron Friedman
New Product Addendum

Model sheet books

700-00 - 13 Transport to Oblivion to Heavy Metal War
700-16 - 25 Autobot Spike to Enter The Nightbird
700-43 - 50 Child's Play to Prime Target
700-51 - 64 Auto-Bop to B.O.T

MP 5201 My Little Pony N Friends