MP 700 The Transformers, Part 2 1986 - 1987 (Sunbow Productions/Marvel Productions)


All full episodes from the Hasbro Pulse YouTube channel

Hasbro Pre-Toyfair 1986 catalogue
Transformers pages (Alternate catalogue produced, designed to hide Jem from Mattel)
Hasbro 1986 Toyfair catalogue

Season 3

Full Episodes (from Hasbro Pulse YouTube channel)

86-90 Transformers '86 Miniseries (AKA Five Faces Of Darkness) - Flint Dille
Contributor credits:
Outline and Parts 1-4 script: "crazytransformerguy"
Part 5 script: Sharon "Tut" Laborde and Monzo
Part 5 call sheet: Sharon "Tut" Laborde.

Partial outline - covering Parts 3 to 5

86 Five Faces Of Darkness, Part 1
Model sheets - 6 pages 

87 Five Faces Of Darkness, Part 2
Full script - Finalised

From: Elise Goyette
To: Steve Gerber, Flint Dille, Marv Wolfman
Re: Transformers 1986 Series

88 Five Faces Of Darkness, Part 3
Full script - Final

89 Five Faces Of Darkness, Part 4
Full script - Revised

90 Five Faces Of Darkness, Part 5
Full script - Notes by Wally Burr

91 The Killing Jar - Joey Kurihara Piedra and Michael Charles Hill
Dialogue script
Full script - contributor credit: Ryan King (with art reference for Quintesson ship provided by Michael Charles Hill)

92 Chaos - Paul Davids
Outline, first page of Act I, first page of Act II (contributor credit: Blast_Off_G1)
Call sheet and dialogue script (contributor credit: call sheet by allew, uncut Act I pages by Blast_Off_G1)
Model sheets and backgrounds (29 pages)

Eye Of The Beholder - Cary Bates and Greg Weisman
Unused premise (Transcript)

93 Dark Awakening - Antoni Zalewski
Call sheet and dialogue script (contributor credit: turbobluestreak)

94 Forever is a Long Time Coming - Gerry Conway and Carla Conway
Dialogue script

95 Starscream's Ghost - Megeen McLaughlin
Dialogue script

96 Thief in the Night - Paul Davids
Dialogue script

97 Surprise Party - Steve Mitchell and Barbara Petty 
Dialogue script

98 Madman's Paradise - Craig Rand
Dialogue script

99 Nightmare Planet - Beth Bornstein
Dialogue script

100 Ghost in the Machine - Michael Charles Hill and Joey Kurihara Piedra
Dialogue script

101 Webworld - Len Wein and Diane Duane
Dialogue script
Backgrounds (15 pages) - contributor credit: Monzo
Act III storyboard - contributor credit: Monzo

102 Carnage in C-Minor - Buzz Dixon
Dialogue script

103 The Quintesson Journal - Richard Merwin
Dialogue script

104 The Ultimate Weapon - Arthur Byron Cover
Dialogue script

105 The Big Broadcast of 2006 - Michael Reaves
Dialogue script

106 Fight or Flee (Fight or Die) - Tony Cinciripini and Larry Leahy
Dialogue script (Modern version using original script for reference)
Full Script (Story Editor: Flint Dille)

107 The Dweller in the Depths - Paul Dini
Dialogue script

108 Only Human - Susan K. Williams
Dialogue script

From: Paul Davids/Yung Shin
To: Jim Graziano
Date: September 19th, 1986
Subject: "The Transformers" status

110 Grimlock's New Brain - Paul Davids
Handwritten "Beats" chart (contributor credit: Blast_Off_G1)
First page of premise/outline (contributor credit: Blast_Off_G1)
Dialogue script (Story Editor: Marv Wolfman)

111 Money is Everything - Carla Conway and Gerry Conway
Dialogue script

112 Call of the Primitives - Donald F. Glut
Dialogue script

113 The Face of the Nijika - Mary Skrenes and Steve Skeates
Dialogue script

114 The Burden Hardest to Bear - Michael Charles Hill
Dialogue script

115 The Return of Optimus Prime, part 1 - Marv Wolfman and Cherie Wilkerson
Dialogue script
Full Script (Final: Roger Slifer)

116 The Return of Optimus Prime, part 2 - Story: Cherie Wilkerson and Marv Wolfman. Teleplay: Michael Charles Hill
Dialogue script
Full Script (Incomplete, missing pages 12-18)

Script Cast List (characters)
MP 700-01 to 116
Voice Cast List (accurate to end of season 3)
Internal document
Voice Actor Audition Sheets 1984-1987
Sunbow Synopsis
MP 700-01 to 116

Toyfar 1987 catalogue
Transformers pages (contributor credit: Ryan King)

MP 6701 The Rebirth - David Wise

Full miniseries

01 The Rebirth, part 1 
02 The Rebirth, part 2
03 The Rebirth, part 3


1988 Toyfair catalogue
Transformers pages (contributor credit: Ryan King)
1989 Toyfair catalogue
Transformers pages (contributor credit: Ryan King)
1990 Toyfair catalogue
Transformers pages (contributor credit Ryan King)

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