MP 700 The Transformers, Part 1 1984 - 1985 (Sunbow Productions/Marvel Productions)

All full episode videos from the Hasbro Pulse YouTube channel

Contributor credit: thanks to Marco Van Leeuwen on scripts for 36-39

Marvel Comics treatment
Modern reproduction (originally written by Jim Shooter, repro by The Roboplastic Apocalypse)

MP#1059 Spot 177
Marvel Comics' The Transformers issue 1 commercial 
Full storyboard (George Goode)

Hasbro Briefing Binders
1984 product - Autobots
1984 product - Decepticons
Marketing fact sheets

Hasbro 1984 Toyfair catalogue

Season 1

Full episodes (from Hasbro Pulse YouTube channel)

Full playlist link: The Transformers Season 1 (production order) - YouTube

MP 4023, 4024, 4025
The Transformers (More Than Meets The Eye) - George Arthur Bloom
Part 3 background layouts

Background keys - Cybertron, Iacon, Autobot and Decepticon ship interiors, Autobot HQ, Oil Rig, Sherman Dam, Burma Crystal Mines, Rocket Base
Miniseries model sheets - Autobot and Decepticon ships, Spike, Sparkplug, Workman #1 and #2

Hasbro briefing binder
1985 product (Shockwave, Jetfire, early Dinobot reference)
1984-1985 product (Dinobots, Jetfire, Insecticons, Constructicons)

Brian Ray storyboard test
Full storyboard - 7 pages, uses The Transformers, Day 1 for story

MP 700

Date: 30/04/1984
From: Bryce Malek and Dick Robbins
To: Margaret Loesch and Lee Gunther
Internal correspondence (Transcript)

Writer's Bible - Season 1 cast only (contributor credit: walruslaw)
Show bible

01 Transport To Oblivion - Bryce Malek and Dick Robbins

Dialogue script
Full script (Revised 08/06/1984)
Full script (Final 22/06/1984)
Background keys

02 Roll For It - Douglas Booth
Dialogue script
Full script (First draft reconstructed)
Full script (Final)
Background keys

03 Divide And Conquer - Donald F. Glut
Dialogue script
Full script
Background keys

04 Fire In The Sky - Bryce Malek, Dick Robbins, Alfred A. Pegal
Dialogue script
Full script (first draft) - contributor credit: NeverDoubt
Full script (final)

05 S.O.S Dinobots - Donald F. Glut
Dialogue script
Full script
Full storyboard (contributor credit: Ryan King, Rich Helscher and Jim Sorenson) Artists: David Russell, Doug Lefler, Gerald Moeller, Lindsay Dawson, Bob Smith, Brian Ray)

06 Fire On The Mountain - Douglas Booth
Dialogue script
Full script
Background layouts

07 War Of The Dinobots - Donald F. Glut
Dialogue script
Full script (First draft) contributor credit: nmeofthast8
Full script (Final)

08 The Ultimate Doom, part 1: Brainwash - Story: Bryce Malek, Dick Robbins, Douglas Booth, Larry Strauss.  Teleplay: Larry Strauss
Dialogue script
Full script

09 The Ultimate Doom, part 2: Search - Story: Bryce Malek, Dick Robbins, Douglas Booth, Earl Kress.  Teleplay: Earl Kress
Dialogue script
Full script

10 The Ultimate Doom, part 3: Revival - Story: Bryce Malek, Dick Robbins, Douglas Booth, Leo D. Paur.  Teleplay: Leo D. Paur
Dialogue script
Full script

11 Countdown To Extinction - Reed Robbins and Peter Salas
Dialogue script
Full script

12 A Plague Of Insecticons - Douglas Booth
Dialogue script
Full script

13 Heavy Metal War - Donald F. Glut
Dialogue script
Full script
Full storyboard

Season 2

Full episodes

Hasbro 1985 Toyfair catalogue

16 Autobot Spike - Donald F. Glut

17 Changing Gears - Larry Parr

18 City of Steel - Douglas Booth
Full storyboard - artists: John Walker, Vincenzo Trippetti, Mr.K (contributor credit - Marco Van Leeuwen)

19 Attack of the Autobots - David Wise

20 Traitor - George Hampton and Mike Moore

21 The Immobilizer - Earl Kress
Dialogue script
Storyboard samples (low-res, pages 1, 4, 9, 28, 50, 78, 109, 147)

22 The Autobot Run - Donald F. Glut

23 Atlantis, Arise! - Douglas Booth

24 Day of the Machines - David Wise 

25 Enter the Nightbird - Sylvia Wilson and Richard Milton

Transformers New Product Addendum (Season 2 cast)
Full briefing document - contributor credit: Dennis Vautour

26 A Prime Problem - Bryce Malek and Dick Robbins 

27 The Core - Dennis Marks 

28 The Insecticon Syndrome - Douglas Booth 

29 Dinobot Island, part 1 - Donald F. Glut 

30 Dinobot Island, part 2 - Donald F. Glut 

31 The Master Builders - David N. Gottlieb and Herb Engelhardt 

32 Auto Berserk - Antoni Zalewski 
33 Microbots - David Wise 

34 Megatron's Master Plan, part 1 - Donald F. Glut 

35 Megatron's Master Plan, part 2 - Donald F. Glut 
Act III storyboard, Additional Material section - Keith Tucker (contributor credit: Steve Chu)

36 Desertion of the Dinobots, part 1 - Earl Kress 

37 Desertion of the Dinobots, part 2 - Earl Kress 

38 Blaster Blues - Larry Strauss 

Elaine Hultgren storyboard test
Four-page storyboard - Uses Blaster Blues for story (contributor credit - Jim Sorenson)

39 A Decepticon Raider in King Arthur's Court - Douglas Booth 

40 The Golden Lagoon - Dennis Marks 

41 The God Gambit - Buzz Dixon 

42 Make Tracks - David Wise 

43 Child's Play - Beth Bornstein 

44 Quest for Survival - Reed Robbins and Peter Salas 

45 The Secret of Omega Supreme - David Wise 

46 The Gambler - Michael Charles Hill

47 Kremzeek! - David Wise 

48 Sea Change - Douglas Booth 
Full script (with thanks to Jim Sorenson)
Full storyboard (contributor credit: Ryan King, Rich Helscher and Jim Sorenson).  Artists: K

49 Triple Takeover - Larry Strauss 

50 Prime Target - Flint Dille and Buzz Dixon 

51 Auto-Bop - David Wise

52 The Search for Alpha Trion - Beth Bornstein

53 The Girl Who Loved Powerglide - David Wise 

54 Hoist Goes Hollywood - Earl Kress
Call sheet and dialogue script (contributor credit: allew)

55 The Key to Vector Sigma, part 1 - David Wise 

56 The Key to Vector Sigma, part 2 - David Wise 

57 Aerial Assault - Douglas Booth 

58 War Dawn - David Wise 

59 Trans-Europe Express - David Wise 

60 Cosmic Rust - Paul Davids 
Page 1 of outline (contributor credit: allew)
Dialogue script
Full script (contributor credit: we_are_forest)
Full storyboard (contributor credit: Nathan Stacy)

61 Starscream's Brigade (30 Seconds over Megatron) - Michael Charles Hill

62 The Revenge of Bruticus - Larry Strauss 
Dialogue script
Full Script (reconstruction of first draft)
Full Script (final)

63 Masquerade - Donald F. Glut 
Dialogue script
Page 23 of full script (mistakenly included in dialogue script scan)

64 B.O.T. - Earl Kress