Friday 21 February 2020

February 2020 update

This month the archived has brought together....

A selection of storyboard pages for MP 4064 Pryde Of The X-men.  Marvel Productions' attempt at an X-men pilot, produced in 1987 but not aired until 1989.

MP 6000 Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends

The last 27 pages of storyboards for VideoMan

MP 600 GI Joe

Storyboards for:
  • The commercial for Marvel Comics issue 14, which saw the debut of Destro
  • 17 pages from 31 Cobra Quake
  • All but five pages from the season 1 main title.  It appears that this title was created bespoke for the Pyramid Of Darkness miniseries.  However due to the miniseries being written and produced so late in the run (episodes 37-41), yet due to be aired first.  It seems this title was edited and used on the whole season.
  • The commercial for Battleforce 2000.  Part of the 1988 toyline and one of the last Marvel Productions' storyboards for GI Joe as full-length cartoons came to an end and Sunbow looked to TMS to produce commercials for the remaining toylines
MP 700 Transformers
  • The call sheets for Hoist Goes Hollywood, Chaos and Dark Awakening have been donated and attached to the respective dialogue scripts.
  • The Dark Awakening dialogue script has been replaced by an unedited version showing deleted lines
  • The 1st page of the outline for Cosmic Rust, revealing a starring role for Shockwave that was removed in the full script
  • The 1st page of the outline for Chaos, showing a flashback to Kup's time as a slave mining death crystals, which was originally intended to be a Quintesson operation
MP 900 Defenders Of The Earth

The main title storyboard, only parts of which were animated and edited together with footage from early episodes.  View the official video of the intro at the Defenders page for comparison.

MP 5205 Jem

Storyboards for:

  • Both the initial draft and revised version of the main title sequence
  • Roughs and final storyboards for the first four pages of the Glitter and Gold music video (The big reveal of Glitter and Gold Jem).
  • Roughs and final storyboards for Jem And The Holograms, The Misfits and The Stingers' music video: Now
In addition, the site has been supplemented by video links from the official Hasbro YouTube channels.