Friday 29 September 2023

Transformers: storyboards, unused premises, briefing material and more

Added to the Archive this month is a plethora of Transformers material, with storyboards from the following:

  • Unproduced pilot miniseries/Season 1 intro sequence 
  • More Than Meets The Eye, Part 2
  • More Than Meets The Eye, Part 3 
  • Transport To Oblivion 
  • Roll For It
  • The Ultimate Doom, Part 3
  • Countdown To Extinction
  • Unproduced Season 2 intro sequence
  • Unproduced commercial bumper
  • Autobot Spike
  • The Immobilizer

Additionally, a quartet of story premises, written by storyboard artist Wendell Washer during early Season 2, have also become available.  Along with the early version of the 1985 New Product briefing he was given for reference.

All of these can be viewed at The Transformers, Part 1

Below is an animatic edited by me of the unproduced season 2 intro sequence:

Tuesday 12 September 2023

Other companies page

I have re-opened the page dedicated to production material from show created by companies other than Sunbow or Marvel during the '80s and '90s.  Showcasing items from shows such as Ruby-Spears Mister T cartoon and an early outline for the Challenge of the Gobots movie: Starquest.  

One major addition since the last time this page was featured on the Archive are 41 scripts from Filmation's She-Ra: Princess Of Power.  Uploaded to the Internet Archive from the old BCI Eclipse DVD set, including all 28 scripts from Season 2 and featuring works by Bob Forward, Larry DiTillio and J. Michael Strasczynski.

View them all at Other Companies