Saturday 8 April 2023

Dungeons & Dragons: Unused story premises

Found on the Internet Archive, and originally included on a 2004 UK DVD release.  The Archive now hosts eight unused story premises, submitted by Rick Merwin for the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon.

The stories are:

  • Day Of The Dragons
  • Spell Of The Ice Wizard
  • Master Thief Of Baal-Dur
  • City Of The Githyanki
  • The Crystal Forest
  • The Mines Of Menosia
  • Yugol and the Curse Of Stone
  • Janapurna and the Stallions of Hokar

Additionally, a first draft of Jeffrey Scott's Beauty And The Bogbeast now accompanies the revised version that originally came from the 2006 BCI Eclipse DVD release.

To read them all, head to: Dungeons & Dragons 1983-1985