Wednesday 4 March 2020

David Wise 1955-2020

The Sunbow and Marvel Archive wishes to express it's condolences to the family and friends of David Wise, who passed away of lung cancer on March 3rd.

David Wise' Facebook page announcement

On a more personal note.  As a kid growing up in the UK in the 80's and 90's.  The thing that hooked me on Transformers were the Video Gems VHS tapes.  In particular, the three episode tape of The Key To Vector Sigma and War Dawn.  We had that tape from near it's release in 1986 until the turn of the century when we abandoned VHS for good.  By that point, the tape was so degraded that the sound effects often overrode the dialogue.  Even now, though the episodes are technically a two-parter and one standalone, it is hard not to think of them as a trilogy.

They are stories that have stuck with me for nearly 35 years of my life.  Even in later years when my interests were elsewhere, it was always something I would come back to eventually.  Leading to properly discovering the rest of the Sunbow/Marvel shows in the past two or three years, eventually leading to the creation of this website.

The full list of David's works within the scope of the archive. * - indicates that an item of production material is available to view at the archive.

MP  700 Transformers

19 Attack Of The Autobots *
24 Day Of The Machines *
33 Microbots *
42 Make Tracks *
45 The Secret Of Omega Supreme *
47 Kremzeek! *
51 Auto-Bop *
53 The Girl Who Loved Powerglide *
55 The Key To Vector Sigma, part 1 *
56 The Key To Vector Sigma, part 2 *
58 War Dawn *
59 Trans-Europe Express *
6701-01 The Rebirth, part 1
6701-02 The Rebirth, part 2
6701-03 The Rebirth, part 3

MP  900 Defenders Of The Earth

38 Audie And Tweak *
Flesh And Blood
The Mystery Of The Book
The Book Of Mysteries
The Gods Awake
The Starboy
Fury Of The Deep
The Ghost Walks Again
The Prince's Royal Hunt
The Prince Weds
The Prince Triumphant
The Prince Dethroned
Return Of The Skyband

MP 5201 My Little Pony

11 The Revolt Of Paradise Estate, part 1
12 The Revolt Of Paradise Estate, part 2
27 Through The Door, part 1
28 Through The Door, part 2
58 Somnambula, part 1
59 Somnambula, part 2
60 The Ice Cream Wars
61 The Prince And The Ponies

MP 5205 Jem

25 Culture Clash
48 Renaissance Woman

Conan And The Young Warriors

01 Isle Of The Lost
12 Once A Thief (with Bryce Malek)