Thursday 31 October 2019

Episode runtime

As the archive acquires script scans, I have been keeping track of the approximate unedited runtime of the episodes based on page count.  Alongside this, I have timed out the broadcast episode' original story animation, meaning no intro, credits, bumpers or repeated footage.  Recaps are only included if they are accounted for in the scripting.

The majority of scripts are timed based on a standard of 30 second per page.  Some scripts from 1983 and up to the summer of 1984 worked to an older timing standard, of around 20 to 25 second per page.

Page count

Saturday 12 October 2019

October 2019 additions

MP 700 Transformers

Thanks to contributors we_are_forest and Nathan Stacy respectively.  The archive now hosts both the unedited script and full storyboards for episode 700-60 Cosmic Rust (FKA Rust In Peace).

If there are any other script or storyboard owners who wish to contribute to the archive, but lack a dedicated scanner.  Then an alternative can be the use of Adobe Scan, used for the above storyboards:

If time is an issue and it is not possible to scan all in one go, contributions can be sent in instalments to later be stitched together with the use of Adobe Pro.

MP 6610 Bucky O'Hare

The 7 scripts already hosted at the archive have undergone digital cleanup and restoration work to correct the poor scans made by Sunbow in the early 2000's.