Marvel Superheroes 1981-1989: Spider-Man, Hulk and X-Men

MP 6000 Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends (1981-1983 Marvel Productions)

Development work

Network Pitch
Character and concept sketches - John Romita Sr.

Main cast
Model sheets (27 pages) - Rick Hoberg (Spider-Man/Peter Parker, Iceman/Bobby Drake, Firestar/Angelica Jones, Aunt May, Ms. Lion)

Season One

6001 Triumph Of The Green Goblin - Dennis Marks

6002 The Crime Of All Centuries - Donald F Glut
Kraven model sheet

6003 The Fantastic Mr. Frump - Christy Marx

6004 Sunfire - Christy Marx
Model sheets - Alex Toth

6005 Swarm - Story by Larry Houston, Teleplay by Dennis Marks
Flash Thompson model sheet - Alex Toth

6006 Seven Little Superheroes - Douglas Booth
Chameleon model sheet

6007 Videoman - Christy Marx
Partial storyboard (27 pages) - Will Meugniot
Electro model sheet

6008 The Prison Plot

6009 Spidey Goes Hollywood - Christy Marx

6010 The Vengeance Of Loki - Donald F Glut
Model sheets

6011 Knights And Demons - Donald F Glut

6012 Pawns Of The Kingpin - Donald F Glut 

6013 Quest Of The Red Skull - Dennis Marks

Season Two

Firestar revised model - original by Rick Hoberg

6016 The Origin Of The Iceman - Donald F Glut
Model sheets (7 pages) - Russ Heath (J. Jonah Jameson turnarounds)

6017 Along Came Spidey - Donald F Glut

6018 A Firestar Is Born - Christy Marx
Partial storyboard (5 pages) - Michael Swanigan
Act II storyboard - Larry Houston

Season 3

6024 Spider-Man Unmasked! AKA Along Came A Sandman - Michael Reaves
Model sheets

6025 Transylvania Connection AKA The Bride Of Dracula - Lee Mendelsohn
Model sheets

6026 Education Of A Superhero - Dennis Marks
Model sheets

6027 Attack Of The Arachnoid - Michael Reaves
Model sheets

6028 Getting It All Together AKA Origin Of The Spiderfriends - Donald F Glut
Full storyboard - Act I: Rick Hoberg
Tony Stark/Iron Man model sheet - Russ Heath

6029 Time Trip To Always AKA Spidey Meets The Girl From Tomorrow - Dennis Marks
Model sheets

6030 The X-Men Adventure - Michael Reaves
Model sheets

6031 The Guardstar Affair AKA Save The Guardstar!
Model sheets

MP 100 The Incredible Hulk 1982

Show bible - With storyline suggestions by Donald F. Glut

01 Tomb Of The Unknown Hulk - Michael Reaves

02 Prisoner Of The Monster - Susan Misty Stewart
Partial outline (pages: cover, 1, 2, 23)
Partial script (pages: cover, 1, 2, 65)

03 Origin Of The Hulk - Dennis Marks

04 When Monsters Meet - Arthur Browne Jr.

05 The Cyclops Project - Michael Reaves

06 Bruce Banner Unmasked - Michael Reaves

07 The Creature And The Cavegirl (FKA Quest For Love) - Martin Pasko
Partial storyboard (9 pages)

08 It Lives!  It Grows!  It Destroys! - Fred Ladd

09 The Incredible Shrinking Hulk - Arthur Browne Jr.

10 Punks On Wheels - Paul Dini

11 Enter: She-Hulk - Michael Reeves

12 The Boy Who Saw Tomorrow - Dennis Marks

13 The Hulk Destroys Bruce Banner - Michael Reeves and Scott Zicree

The Incredible Hulk & She-Hulk - Misty Stewart

Written by Misty Stewart (Later Misty Taggart) in early 1983 as a means of retooling the previous year's Incredible Hulk cartoon, presumably as a last-ditch effort to persuade NBC to renew the series.
Changes included rewriting the Hulk to be less like the comics incarnation and more like the live-action TV series which had ended the year before.  Also to bring back She-Hulk as a regular supporting character. (photos taken from ebay auction).

MP 4064 Pryde Of The X-Men  (1989 Marvel Productions/Toei)

Storyboard samples - Larry Houston, Will Meugniot, Rick Hoberg (pages 1, 2, 28, 39, 42, 44, 46)
Model sheets and height charts - Russ Heath, Carol Lundberg

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