Sunbow Round Two 1991-1996: Bucky O'Hare, Conan, The Tick

MP 6610 - Bucky O'Hare And The Toad Wars 1991 (Sunbow Productions/Marvel Productions/Abrams/Gentile Entertainment/IDDH/Continuity Comics)

Audition sheets - Al Negator, Bucky O'Hare, Deadeye Duck, Dogstar, Jenny, Willy DuWitt.

General background keys - Righteous Indignation interiors, Toad Warship, KOMPLEX Sanctum

01 War Of The Warts - Christy Marx
Background keys (Bridge of Toad Warship, Airlock #3, Slave Holding Room)

04 Home, Swampy Home - Christy Marx
Background keys (Partially submerged Warren, Control platform, Command platform, Slaves work area)

05 On The Blink - George Arthur Bloom
Full script
Background keys (Int. Computer Room)

06 Kreation Konspiracy - Martin Pasko
Full script
Background keys (Sludge Capital City, Domed Docking Bay)

07 The Komplex Caper - Doug Moench
Full script
Background keys (Factory Complex, Maze Corridor, Bottomless Shaft, Trash Compactor)

08 The Search For Bruce - Rick Merwin
Full script
Background keys (Toad Corridor, A Remote Planet, Planet closeup)

09 Corsair Canards - Christy Marx
Background keys (Luxury Cruiser, Stellar Swan Lounge, Pirate Fleet, Bridge of The Iron Vulture, Clan Dome, Clan Dome Int., Pirate Hangout)

10 The Artificers Of Aldebaran - Christy Marx and Bridget McKenna
Background keys (Aldebaran Exterior, Aldebaran Spaceport, Dark Nebula)

11 The Warriors - George Arthur Bloom
Full script
Background keys (Crystal Planet Exterior, Sludge Video Games Parlor, Canapis Canopus, Obelis Assembly Lines, Obelis Laboratory)

12 Bye Bye Berserker Baboons - Roger Slifer
Full script
Background keys (Berserker Homeworld, Academy Front Gate, Pre-fab Building, Cold Mountainside, Surface of Bog)

13 The Taking Of Pilot Jenny - Neal Adams and Peter Stone
Full script
Background keys and model sheets  (Kinnear Conference Room, Climate Converter Docking Bay, Control Room Interior, Planetary Defense Shield, KOMPLEX in robot form)

Marvel Productions Model sheets and lists

Note - While scripts 1-4, 9 and 10 are on the 2004 Metrodome DVD release and thus in my possession.  I will respect Christy's wishes and they will not be uploaded anywhere.

Conan The Adventurer 1992-1993

Season 1 - Sunbow Productions/Graz Entertainment

Season 2 - Sunbow Productions/Creative et Developement

28 Dregs-Amon The Great - Doug Booth

Conan And The Young Warriors (1994 Sunbow Productions/Graz Entertainment)

09 Brothers Of The Sword - Michael Reaves
Partial storyboard - 15 pages

The Tick 1994-1996 (Sunbow Productions/Graz Entertainment)

Writer's Guide

Final draft and second draft show bible

Season 3

34 Tick vs Science - Ben Edlund, Richard Liebmann-Smith and Christopher McCulloch
Act II storyboard - Gordon Klimes