Saturday 17 August 2019

August 2019 additions


Thanks to walruslaw at TFRaw for contributing a copy of the show bible, as found on the 2009 Shout Factory DVD.  This edition covers the 1984 cast with addendums for Jetfire, the Dinobots, Insecticons and Constructicons.

Thanks to nmeofthast8 at tfw2005 for contributing an unedited copy of the War Of The Dinobots script.   This version features the original character of Dr. Lynn Hyashi and a subplot of Sparkplug being jealous of her, mirroring Grimlock's jealousy of Prime.  In story-editing, Lynn was replaced by Chip Chase and eventually the jealousy subplot was dropped entirely.

G.I Joe

I have compressed the file size of the G.I Joe: The Movie script down to 19mb for easier access and viewing.

Bucky O'Hare And The Toad Wars

Having tracked down and bought a copy of the 2004 Metrodome DVD, I have uploaded 7 of the 13 full scripts.  This was the first show in Sunbow's 1991 return to full length animation since the conclusion of Jem in 1988 and the last to be co-produced by Marvel Productions.

Note that while the other 6 scripts are available on the DVD, they are explicitly forbidden from being uploaded online.

Also added a sizeable Marvel Productions model pack and lists.