MP 900 Defenders Of The Earth 1985-1986 (Marvel Productions/King Features Entertainment)

Note - material confirmed to be from the initial production period in early 1985 will be listed before the Bryce Malek/Dick Robbins relaunch.

Full Episodes (playlist from Comics Kingdom, official YouTube channel of King Features Entertainment)

Early development

Show Bible

01 Main Title
Full storyboard (Will Meugniot, Rick Hoberg)

06 Root Of Evil (early pilot) - Ken Cinnamon and Karen Wengrod
Full script


03 Escape From Mongo - Bryce Malek and Dick Robbins
Full storyboard (Act I: Bob Kline, Act II: Adrian Gonzales, Act III Vincenzo Tripetti)

29 Terror In Time - Bill Dubay
Full storyboard (Don Manuel, Rick Hoberg, Mitch Schauer, Bob Kline)

38 Audie and Tweak - David Wise
Full script

39 The Defense Never Rests - Francis Moss
Full storyboard (Bob Kline and George Goode)

40 Torn Space - Mark Zaslove and Mark Edens
Partial storyboard (16 pages) - Gay Lynn Tucker

45 The Golden Queen - Mark Edens and Mark Zaslove
Act II storyboard (Larry Houston)

48 The Future Comes But Once - Richard Merwin
Act I storyboard (Keith Tucker)

58 The Deadliest Battle - Chuck Lorre (WARNING - Depictions of drug abuse)
Partial storyboard (118 pages) (Act I and III: Bob Kline, Act II: Rick Hoberg)

59 100 Proof Highway - Chris Bunch and Alan Cole
Act I storyboard (Bob Kline)

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