MP 600 G.I Joe: A Real American Hero, Part 1 1983 - 1985 (Sunbow Productions/Marvel Productions)

 All videos from the official Hasbro YouTube channel


Hasbro 1982 Toyfair catalogue (debut)

Marvel Comics issue 14 commercial (Debut of Destro)
Partial storyboard (missing page 4, Will Meugniot)

Hasbro 1983 Toyfair catalogue

G.I Joe: A Real American Hero (AKA The MASS Device) - Ron Friedman

Full miniseries (from official Hasbro YouTube channel)

4007 The Worms Of Death (Interim title: Destro, Ruler Of The Earth)
Partial storyboard (10 pages)

Hasbro 1984 Toyfair catalogue

G.I Joe: The Revenge Of Cobra (AKA GI Joe II) - Ron Friedman

Full miniseries
Opening title
Partial storyboard - Will Meugniot

1985 Toyfair catalogue

Season 1

Full episodes

Main title (Created bespoke for Pyramid Of Darkness miniseries.  Used on all season 1 episodes)
Partial storyboard (missing five pages) - Will Meugniot

01 Cobra's Creatures (FKA Hi-Freak) - Kimmer Ringwald
Model sheets - Storm Shadow's guards

05 Cobra Stops The World - Steve Gerber
Act I script
Act II script
Act III script

06 Jungle Trap - Paul Dini
Full script

07 Haul Down The Heavens - Buzz Dixon

21 The Greenhouse Effect - Gordon Kent

31 Cobra Quake - Ted Pedersen
Partial storyboard (17 pages, Will Meugniot)

41 The Pyramid Of Darkness, Part 5 - Ron Friedman

44 Flint's Vacation - Beth Bornstein
Act II storyboard (Mike Vosburg)

46 The Traitor, part 2 - Buzz Dixon
Two-page storyboard - deleted ending scene

Writers Guide (Written by Steve Gerber, season 2 additions by Buzz Dixon)