Storyboard viewing gallery


Below are links to the viewing gallery pages for storyboard sets acquired by the Archive.  

MP 600 G.I Joe: A Real American Hero

Misc. storyboards (Marvel Comics issue 14 commercial, The Worms Of Death, The Revenge Of Cobra intro, The Greenhouse Effect, Cobra Quake, The Pyramid Of Darkness intro, The Traitor, Part 2, Unused Season 2 intro, Sins Of Our Fathers)

MP 700 The Transformers

Miscellaneous storyboards (Marvel Comics issue 1 commercial, unproduced MTMTE/Season 1 intro, Brian Ray storyboard test, unproduced Season 2 intro, unproduced bumper, Elaine Hultgren storyboard test)
Partial episode storyboards (More Than Meets The Eye, Part 3, Transport To Oblivion, Roll For It, The Immobilizer)

MP 4034 The Transformers The Movie

Early sequences - Peter Chung
Sequences 1-3 (Attack On Lithone, 2005, Attack On The Shuttle)
Sequences 4-7 (Lookout Mountain, Battle Of Autobot City, Part 1)
Sequence 8, full (Battle Of Autobot City, Part 2)

Finalised sequences
Sequences 1-6  (Attack On Lithone, Title Sequence, 2005, More Than You Imagine, Attack On The Shuttle, Gone Fishin'/Dare)
Sequences 7-8 (Battle Of Autobot City, parts 1 and 2)
Sequences 9-15 (Death Of Optimus Prime, Witness To A Funeral, Contest For Leadership, Transformation, Coronation, Destruction Of Moon Base One, Escape)
Sequences 16-21 (Pursuit, Nothin's Gonna Stand In Our Way, Arrival On Junk, Unwelcome Visitors, The Matrix Survives, An Unexpected Friend)
Sequences 22-26 (Destruction Of Moon Base Two, Ambush, Judgement/Rescue, Another Leader Dies, Unusual Allies).
Sequences 27-31 (The Enemy Revealed, Confrontation, United Against The Enemy, In The Belly Of The Monster, Their Darkest Hour)

MP 5201 My Little Pony N Friends

Partial episode storyboards - Baby, It's Cold Outside, Would-Be Dragonslayer
The End Of Flutter Valley - Parts 2, 3, 4 and 9
Somnambula - Part 1, partial Part 2 and sketches

MP5205 Jem

Music video assortment (Show main title, 1986 commercials, We're Off And Running, Can't Get My Love Together v1, There's A Melody Playin', We're The Misfits In Hawaii, Love's Not Easy v1, Gettin' Down To Business v2, We Can Change It v2, Now).