MP 5205 Jem 1985 - 1988 (Sunbow Productions/Marvel Productions)

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Super Sunday

4041-MT Main Title - Will Meugniot
First draft storyboard
Final storyboard

Full storyboard

The Misfits
Full storyboard

New York Toyfair 1986

Season 1

01 Starbright, part 1: Falling Star - Christy Marx
Song no.1 Who Is He Kissing
Page One Of Storyboard - Will Meugniot
Song no.2 Jealousy
Two pages of storyboard - Will Meugniot, Romeo Tanghal
Song no.3 Universal Appeal
Page One Of Storyboard - Will Meugniot

05 Adventure In China - Beth Bornstein
Song no.2 Something Is Missing In My Life
Page One of storyboard - Warren Greenwood, Will Meugniot, Romeo Tanghal
Song no.3 Love Unites Us
Page One of storyboard - Warren Greenwood, Will Meugniot

06 Last Resorts - Roger Slifer
Song no.2 It's Workin Out/It's Doin Me In - Will Meugniot, Romeo Tanghal
Page One of storyboard

07 In Stitches - Mary Skrenes
Song no.2 Designing Woman
Page One of storyboard
Song no.3 Time Is Running Out
Page One of storyboard - Barb Rausch

13 The Music Awards, part 1 - Christy Marx
Song no.1 She Makes An Impression
Page One of storyboard - Romeo Tanghal

14 The Music Awards, part 2 - Christy Marx
Song no.1 You Oughta See The View From Here
Page One of storyboard - Victoria Jenson

15 The Rock Fashion Book - Rick Merwin
Song no.2 We're Off And Runnin
Full storyboard - Victoria Jenson

17 In Search Of The Stolen Album - Rick Merwin
Song no.1 There's A Melody Playin'
Full Storyboard - Victoria Jenson (contributor credit: Davide Quataro)

Song no.2 There Ain't Nobody Better
Page One of storyboard - Victoria Jenson

18 Hot Time In Hawaii - Beth Bornstein
Song no.1 We're The Misfits In Hawaii
Full storyboard - Mike Vosburg
Song no.2 How You Play The Game - Romeo Tanghal, Will Meugniot, Barb Rausch
Page One of storyboard

19 The Princess And The Singer - Christy Marx and Ellen Guon
Song no.2 Queen Of Rock N' Roll
Two-page storyboard - Mike Vosburg

20 Island Of Deception - Mary Skrenes
Song no.1 Set Your Sails
Page One of storyboard - Frank Paur
Song no.3 Love's Not Easy (Not animated, cut from episode)
Full storyboard - Romeo Tanghal (contributor credit -

26 Glitter And Gold - Christy Marx
Song no.2 Glitter And Gold
Rough storyboard (first 4 pages, Will Meugniot)
Final storyboard (first 4 pages, Will Meugniot)

New York Toyfair 1987

Season 2

29 The Presidential Dilemma - Beth Bornstein
Song no.2 Time Is Running Out, version 2
Page One of storyboard - Will Meugniot

33 Trick Or Techrat - Misty Stewart-Taggart
Song no.3, We Can Change It, version 2
Full storyboard - Will Meugniot, Larry Houston

34 The Bands Break Up - Marv Wolfman and Cherie Wilkerson
Song no.3 Gettin' Down To Business, version 2
Full storyboard - Mike Vosburg (With thanks to Mike Vosburg and Chuck Costas)

New York Toyfair 1988
Hasbro Pre-Toyfair catalogue (Toyline cancellation announced November 3rd, 1987, Jem removed from main Toyfair catalogue)

Season 3

59 The Stingers Hit Town, Part 2 - Christy Marx
Song no.3 Now
Rough storyboard (missing pages 2, 3 and 8.  Will Meugniot)
Final storyboard - Will Meugniot

62 That Old Houdini Magic - Jina Bacarr
Song no.1 She's Got The Power, version 2
Page one of storyboard - Victoria Jenson
Song no.2 Mind Games
First two pages of storyboard - Debra Pugh