Sunbow Syndication 1985-1987: Super Sunday, Inhumanoids, Visionaries, Air Raiders

MP 4035 - 4040 Robotix (1985 Sunbow Productions/Marvel Productions)

Super Sunday
Press release - includes early Robotix backstory, as well as "Starlite" and "Stoney" show ideas

Writers - Bob Rosenfarb, Kevin Rock, George Arthur Bloom, Mike Dirham
Recap scripts - for episodes 1 to 14.  Includes covering letter from story editor Alan Swayze
Milton Bradley 1986 Toyfair catalogue  (All sets marked "new" went unreleased).

Bigfoot And The Muscle Machines (1985 Sunbow Productions/Marvel Productions)

Griffin-Bacal/Playskool Briefing Material

15 segment version - Ron Friedman
First outline (5th March 1985, character descriptions, additional story ideas - with plot and character breakdown by Elise Goyette (contributor credit: Steve Chu)
Second outline (26th March 1985) - with additional premise by Doug Booth (contributor credit: Steve Chu)

9 segment version - Flint Dille

01 Cryptic Cargo
Full script - first draft (unused character Denton Fenders driving Black Gold, Red and Redder driving Warlord)
Partial script - revised, missing pages 1-3
Audition sheets - Jennifer Minerva McGraw, Red and Redder (all performed by Susan Blu)

MP 5206 Inhumanoids 1986 (Sunbow Productions/Marvel Productions)

 Full Episodes - uploads monetised to Hasbro Studios

Full playlist link: Inhumanoids - The Complete Series

Early development - The Force Of Light

Marvel Comics treatment - Tom DeFalco (contributor credit: Monzo)

1986 Toyfair catalogue

MP 4056 The Inhumanoids - Flint Dille

Episodes 1-3 (The Evil That Lies Within, part 1)
Dialogue script

Episodes 4-6 (The Evil That Lies Within, part 2)
Dialogue script

Episodes 10-12 (The Evil That Lies Within, part 4)
Dialogue script
Episode 11 script (Act II)

Episodes 13-15 (The Evil That Lies Within, part 5)
Dialogue script
One-page storyboard (Aftermath of attack on Kamchatka)


01 Cypheroid - Flint Dille
Dialogue script
Partial storyboard - Gay Lynn Tucker

02 The Surma Plan - Flint Dille
Dialogue script

03 Cult Of Darkness - Story: Flint Dille and Larry Parr.  Teleplay: Buzz Dixon
Dialogue script

04 Negative Polarity - Flint Dille and Richard Merwin
Dialogue script

05 The Evil Eye - Flint Dille
Dialogue script
Full storyboard - Final revision. (contributor credit: Nathan Stacy)
Act I - George Goode?
Act II - Greg Garcia, Tom Tholen, Marcia Bales, Gay Lynn Tucker, Mike Smith, Janae Larsen, Clint Taylor.
Act III - Greg Garcia, Marcia Bales, M. Hands

06 Primal Passions - Flint Dille
Full script
Full storyboard - Final revision (contributor credit: Nathan Stacy)
Act I - Tom Tholen, Gay Lynn Tucker, Greg Garcia, Scott Jorgenson, Janae Larson
Act II - Not listed
Act III - Greg Garcia, Marcia Bales, Gay Lynn Tucker

07 The Masterson Team - Flint Dille and Richard Merwin
Dialogue script

08 Auger for...President? - Flint Dille
Dialogue script

870108 Visionaries: Knights Of The Magical Light (1987 Sunbow Productions/TMS Entertainment)

With thanks to the Mapes brothers on the show bible, early scripts and produced scripts no.1-3, 7, 10 and 11.  For more information about the franchise (cartoon, comics and toyline) visit:

Full Episodes - uploads monetised to Hasbro Studios

Early Development

Show Bible - Flint Dille

Five-part miniseries (unproduced) - Flint Dille

Synopsis - extracted from show bible
01 The Magic Unloosed
02 The Powers Bestowed
03 The Dark Hand Of Treachery

Hasbro 1987 Toyfair catalogue
Visionaries pages (contributor credit: Ryan King)


01 The Age Of Magic Begins - Flint Dille
Dialogue script
Full script

02 The Dark Hand Of Treachery - Flint Dille
Dialogue script (Includes separate script for Mortdredd ADR session)
Full script

03 Quest For The Dragon's Eye - Flint Dille
Partial dialogue script (Act III missing)
Full script

04 The Price Of Freedom - Douglas Booth
Full script

05 Feryl Steps Out - Buzz Dixon
Full script

06 Lion Hunt - Buzz Dixon
Dialogue script

07 The Overthrow Of Merklynn - Flint Dille
Dialogue script
Full script

08 The Power Of The Wise - Douglas Booth
Dialogue script

09 Horn Of Unicron, Claw Of Dragon - Buzz Dixon
Dialogue script

10 Trail Of The Three Wizards - Flint Dille
Dialogue script
Full script

11 Sorcery Squared - Douglas Booth
Dialogue script

12 Honor Among Thieves - Flint Dille
Dialogue script
Full script

13 Dawn Of The Sun Imps - Flint Dille
Dialogue script

Hasbro 1988 Toyfair catalogue
Visionaries pages (toyline cancelled, too late to remove from the catalogue)

Air Raiders (1987 Sunbow Productions/Marvel Productions) - Unproduced

In early 1987, plans were in place for the next co-production between Sunbow and Marvel to support a Hasbro toyline: Air Raiders.  Development work by Doug Booth and Ron Friedman had taken place over the summer of 1986, with a three-part pilot miniseries written by Friedman and ready by January 1987.

Unfortunately due to low retail orders of $30 million at Toyfair '87, as well as a general slump on all toylines caused by over-saturation of the market.  All plans for an Air Raiders cartoon were dropped and Hasbro were not willing to fund any more shows beyond the existing contracts, the last of which was taking Jem to 65 episodes, fulfilled on May 2nd 1988.

Toyfair 1987
Air Raiders pages (contributor credit: Ryan King)

Sunbow press kit

The following are preview photos by Heritage Auctions, who sold off the available material for Air Raiders on behalf of Ron Friedman in 2010.

Product information book

Hasbro briefing book

Show bible and story summary - Ron Friedman and Doug Booth

Three-part pilot - Ron Friedman
Outlines, scripts and notes - Ron Friedman

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