Tuesday, 10 January 2023

The Flint Dille Collection: An appeal

This is an appeal to those who bought or received production items from Flint Dille following the clearout of his storage in late 2020.  If owners of any of the items below read this post, please get in touch with the Archive via my Blogger profile contact.

For a list of items sold by Flint where either direct scans were contributed or consent to release has already been obtained from owners, see: The Flint Dille Collection

Super Sunday

Robotix-centic press release for Super Sunday.

Bigfoot And The Muscle Machines
Griffin-Bacal/Playskool Briefing Binder
Full script outline, Flint Dille 9-segment version
Cryptic Cargo, episode 1 script, two versions.

MP 600 GI Joe

Skeletons In The Closet full script

MP 5206 Inhumanoids

04 Negative Polarity partial storyboard set - rough draft, missing chunk of Act II, as shipped from Marvel Productions to Flint.
04 Negative Polarity full storyboard set - final revision
07 The Masterson Team full storyboard set - final revision

MP 700 Transformers

Rough notes for second writer's circular (February 1985)
1987 Briefing Book (late season 3 cast additions)
Flint's Character Binder - containing bios and models for all new 1987 and continuing 1986 product.  Also includes Bob Budiansky's 11 page treatment for the Marvel Comics Headmasters miniseries.
Griffin-Bacal presentation storyboards for 1987 toy commercials