Monday 10 June 2019


Introducing the Sunbow Productions and Marvel Productions script and storyboard archive.

This site is intended to be a repository for digital copies of scripts, storyboards and other production material from, but not limited to the following cartoon shows: Transformers, G.I Joe, Jem, Inhumanoids, Visionaries, Dungeons & Dragons and Defenders Of The Earth.

The intention of this archive is to preserve as much as possible from this period in animation history.  With older websites that once hosted this material shutting down and DVD sets that offered this material rolling out of print.  Digital scans are now as much at risk of being lost as the original paper.

If any fans or collectors out there have scripts or storyboards they wish to add to this archive, please get in touch.  Note that where scanning and uploading have been forbidden by the original writer or artist, that material will NOT be hosted on this site.