Friday 31 March 2023

G.I Joe: My Favorite Things script

Thanks to Rich Helscher, the Archive now presents the first script from the original G.I Joe series to be made public since 2010.  The season 2 episode My Favorite Things.

Written by Doug Booth and edited by Buzz Dixon, this episode delves into Serpentor's quest to acquire artifacts once owned by the tyrants and conquerors whose DNA was used to create the Cobra Emperor.  Once he has gained possession, the memories and powers of his genetic forebears are at his command.  Meanwhile, the incessant inter-service bickering between US Marine Leatherneck and Navy Seal Wet-suit comes to a head.  As the pair's glory-hogging results in Leatherneck being gravely wounded.

Clocking in at 59 pages - including 3 pages of model and location notes, plus an estimated 7 minutes of deleted scenes - the script can be read at: G.I Joe Part 2 (1986-1992)

Go there at once, THIS I COMMAND!