Friday 25 August 2023

The Flint Dille Collection: Bigfoot And The Muscle Machines

Some more material originating from Flint Dille's storage has been granted release.

After Ron Friedman's two attempts to create an outline for the Super Sunday anthology show Bigfoot And The Muscle Machines, Flint was tasked to take over the project.

The Archive is pleased to add Griffin-Bacal's briefing binder detailing Playskool's toyline, started in 1983 and inherited by Hasbro in 1984. For the series itself, Flint's full outline and two versions of the first episode script Cryptic Cargo.

Additionally, the Archive has added a Super Sunday press release which gives an insight into the early development of Robotix.  As well as brief synopsis for show ideas "Starlite" and "Stoney"

Both versions, along with auditions sheets read by Susan Blu and the full character lineup, are available at: Sunbow Syndication 1985-1987