Monday 30 October 2023

My Little Pony N Friends: Storyboards for 13 episodes, model sheets and more

Thanks to yanchagraffiti, the Sunbow Marvel Archive now hosts a large collection of storyboards and other material from My Little Pony N Friends.  

All of the material was formerly owned and mostly drawn by artist Wendell Washer, who sadly passed away in 2022.  Here is what is available so far:

  • 4012 Rescue At Midnight Castle: Sunbow press pack, 2x partial Act II storyboard, full Act III storyboard
  • 185 page model sheet pack, broken down into Attitudes, Turnarounds, Mouth Guides and Construction Model sections.
  • 01 Ghost Of Paradise Estate, Part 1: full storyboard
  • 22 The Return Of Tambelon, Part 4: full storyboard
  • 23 Baby, It's Cold Outside, Part 1: storyboard samples
  • 29 Would-Be Dragonslayer: partial storyboard
  • 38-47 The End Of Flutter Valley: Part 2 song sequence, Part 3 full storyboard, Part 4 full storyboard, Part 9 full storyboard
  • 54 Quest Of The Princess Ponies, Part 1: full storyboard
  • 58-59 Somnambula: Part 1 full storyboard, Part 2 partial storyboard and sketches
  • 61 The Prince And The Ponies: full storyboard
View them all in PDF form at My Little Pony N Friends or in viewing gallery form at the Storyboard viewing gallery index

As a taster, the Witches from the Volcano of Gloom are cooking a Dark and Dirty tune below:

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