Thursday 26 October 2023

(VIDEO) The Young Astronauts: Wendy Hampton auditions

With thanks to yanchagraffiti for providing the files, linked below are auditions for the character of Wendy Hampton, on the Marvel Productions' series The Young Astronauts.

These are specific excerpts from an hour-long reel.

Susan Blu

Nancy Cartwright

Jeannie Elias

Monday 23 October 2023

(VIDEO) Transformers dialogue recording audio: The Revenge Of Bruticus

Thanks to the winner of a recent audio reel auction, who has supplied digital files, I can now present the full dialogue recording audio for Transformers episode The Revenge Of Bruticus.

54 minutes in total, the recording is effectively split in half, with one group of actors doing pickup sessions, and then the main ensemble from beginning to end.

For those wanting to follow along with the available written material, links are provided below
0:00 Bruticus 
3:08 Kickback and Shrapnel 
05:00 Tracks
05:45 Walla (people screaming in terror) 
06:40 Inferno 
07:07 Shrapnel, Kickback and Ramjet (underground parking lot) 
07:53 Walla (refugees), Woman on rooftop (Morgan Lofting) 
09:21 Bruticus (final fight) 
11:01 Insecticon voracious eating 
13:35 Red Alert 
13:57 Ensemble recording (start to finish)
54:13 End

(VIDEO) The Young Astronauts: full episode dialogue and series narrator auditions

With thanks to yanchagraffiti, the Sunbow Marvel Archive presents audio from Marvel Productions ill-fated series The Young Astronauts.

First is the full episode dialogue from MP 800-04 Ghost Ship.  Main session recorded 10th October 1985.  Pickup audio for Rick and Wendy Hampton recorded 3rd December 1985

(Thanks to Townsend Coleman for cast info)

Commander Hampton: ?
Rick Hampton: Townsend Coleman
Wendy Hampton: Nancy Cartwright
Mikey Hampton: Stephen Dorff
Retro: ?
Mr. Flynn: Charlie Adler
Sam Turrell: James Avery
The Starseeker: ?

(If anyone can help with identifying the remaining voice cast, please get in touch)

Video runtime: 21:22

Next are the auditions for series narrator, with takes from the following actors:

Peter Cullen
Irv Immerman
Larry Marshall (3 takes)
Ed Gilbert
Aron Kincaid
Ron Gans
Bill Ratner
Norman Alden
Chris Stevens
Danny Dark
Gene Moss
Jack Angel
Bernard Erhardt
John Stevenson (2 takes)
Ron Feinberg
Joe Leahy

Video runtime: 13:38

Friday 13 October 2023

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Thursday 5 October 2023

The Young Astronauts: more information

Thanks to dialogue audio reels being sold on ebay, there is now more information on Marvel Productions ill-fated 1985/86 animated series The Young Astronauts.

First up is a full show reel for episode MP 800-04 Ghost Ship, recorded during November 1985 and re-recorded with revised dialogue the following month. The reel confirms Townsend Coleman and Nancy Cartwright among the main voice cast.

The next reel contains auditions for the series narrator.  Recorded at Wally Burr Studios, the actors confirmed to have read for the role are

  • Peter Cullen
  • Erv Immerman
  • Larry Marshall
  • Ed Gilbert
  • Aron Kincaid
  • Ron Gans
  • Bill Ratner
  • Norm Alden
  • Chris Stevens
  • Danny Dark

If any more reels that can shed light on this series become available, they will be showcased here.

Friday 29 September 2023

Transformers: storyboards, unused premises, briefing material and more

Added to the Archive this month is a plethora of Transformers material, with storyboards from the following:

  • Unproduced pilot miniseries/Season 1 intro sequence 
  • More Than Meets The Eye, Part 2
  • More Than Meets The Eye, Part 3 
  • Transport To Oblivion 
  • Roll For It
  • The Ultimate Doom, Part 3
  • Countdown To Extinction
  • Unproduced Season 2 intro sequence
  • Unproduced commercial bumper
  • Autobot Spike
  • The Immobilizer

Additionally, a quartet of story premises, written by storyboard artist Wendell Washer during early Season 2, have also become available.  Along with the early version of the 1985 New Product briefing he was given for reference.

All of these can be viewed at The Transformers, Part 1

Below is an animatic edited by me of the unproduced season 2 intro sequence:

Tuesday 12 September 2023

Other companies page

I have re-opened the page dedicated to production material from show created by companies other than Sunbow or Marvel during the '80s and '90s.  Showcasing items from shows such as Ruby-Spears Mister T cartoon and an early outline for the Challenge of the Gobots movie: Starquest.  

One major addition since the last time this page was featured on the Archive are 41 scripts from Filmation's She-Ra: Princess Of Power.  Uploaded to the Internet Archive from the old BCI Eclipse DVD set, including all 28 scripts from Season 2 and featuring works by Bob Forward, Larry DiTillio and J. Michael Strasczynski.

View them all at Other Companies