Thursday, 19 December 2019

Christmas update and upcoming articles

Happy Christmas to all blog viewers!

It has now been six months since the launch of the archive.  In that time, the collection has more than doubled to include:
  • 75 full TV scripts
  • 117 dialogue scripts
  • 15 storyboard sets
  • 3 movie screenplays
  • 5 show bibles
  • And a whole load of miscellaneous material including internal correspondence, unused story premises, cast lists, story synopses and model sheet packs

But there is still a vast amount of material out there.  If anyone knows the location of any of these items, or is willing to help with scanning and contributing, please get in touch.  Additionally, if anyone is able to provide cover dates for scripts or storyboards.  Please contact the archive so that I can fill in the gaps on the production timeline database.

The archive's Patreon is now live (click the link on the right), with Patrons able to gain early access to production material, as well as articles and analysis of both the shows and the production process a full week before they go up on the archive.

The initial pair of articles will be posted soon.  The first one looks at the process of writing a draft script focusing on the G.I Joe episode Cobra Stops The World.  The second will look at the story-editing process using the Transformers episode Cosmic Rust.

Here's to 2020 and to uncovering more of the untold stories from our favourite shows.

Simon Letch
Sunbow/Marvel Script And Storyboard Archive