Thursday, 30 January 2020

January 2020 update

Happy 2020 to all viewers!  The archive is kicking off the year strong with...

MP 4034 The Transformers The Movie

Thanks to contributor Avon - the archive now hosts all 31 storyboard sequences for the movie.  As such, the existing draft scripts and lists of cut scenes have been collected with the storyboards into a new dedicated page for the movie (accessed from the Productions link on the right).

MP 900 Defenders Of The Earth

The official YouTube channel for King Features Entertainment (owners of DoE and the newspaper strip characters that comprise it) is uploading the show for free, episode-by-episode.  For episodes that have scripts or storyboards available, the videos will be directly linked once they have been uploaded.  Root Of Evil and Escape From Mongo are currently linked and more will follow.


With permission from - and thanks to - Marvel Productions storyboard artist Michael Swanigan.  The archive now hosts several partial storyboards from various shows:

MP 6000 Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends

6018 A Firestar Is Born (5 pages)

MP 100 The Incredible Hulk

07 The Creature And The Cavegirl (9 pages)

MP 400 Dungeons & Dragons

01 The Night Of No Tomorrow (21 pages)

03 The Hall Of Bones (21 pages)

22 The Dragon's Graveyard (25 pages)

MP 600 G.I Joe

4007 The Worms Of Death (The MASS Device, part 3)  (10 pages)

21 The Greenhouse Effect (9 pages)

MP 6501 Fraggle Rock (Animated)

02A Big Trouble For A Little Fraggle (20 pages)

04A A Fraggle For All Seasons (20 pages)

10A Mokey's Flood Of Creativity (20 pages)

All of these storyboards can be found at the respective show pages.